Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nike AF1 x Air Jordan 5 Fushion "USA Today"

Here you have it folks!! Another colorway from the Fushion 5's keeping up with the Patriotic Spirit of Nike/Jordan Brand. I heard these were more for the Olympics but personally I think its more for the 4th of July Weekend eventhough I heard the release date was scheduled for somewhere around June. All but still this pair is hot!! I'm digging the color. It has a oldschool feel to it because of the true blue and red combo....and the white just makes it even more classic. I just hope these don't have a ALL-WHITE BOTTOM like the black/white Fushion 12's that recently came out!!!! I hate to wear them cause the bottom gets dirty as hell!!! Anyway be on the lookout for these this summer!!

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