Wednesday, August 20, 2008

TOO Black Guys Fall '08 Collection!!! (My 1st Collection Post....Read To See Why lol)

Ok is the scoop!! I don't post clothing line collections due to the fact that I just dont see anything moving about the whole process. Why just put 1 line out there when it's so many others?? Well like The Game I've had a

and now here is why I'm posting this collection. 1) the photoshoot is what i do everyday and everytime I get a new addition to the waredrobe. 2) Mos Def is a Top 10 Mc's of ALL TIME!! That's it. Just 2 reasons lol lol but homestly I'm not gonna lie....I was skeptical about the TOO Black Guys clothing line at 1st cause of the Jim Crow line they had last spring I believe and I was like "Yo are they serious??" But know after seeing something I like by them I'm willing to overlook it for now lol lol cause if you peep the hoodie that Mos has on....on the back it says "Beautiful Boogieman" and to my true Mos Def fans you know this is the 1st song off "The New Danger" album which is argueably a Hip-Hop CLASSIC!!! I name dropped alot of brands and songs in this post just like Game and I hope to those who read this ya'll google them to get a better reference of what I'm getting at....til then....Holla!!!

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