Saturday, August 23, 2008

2nd Times A Charm lol....I Went Back To Cheddars!!!

Man let me tell ya....The 1st time I went to Cheddars I was like "This is the nastiest shit ever!!" But I went out on a limb and went back this past weekend...and boy was it good(real country lol)...I had ribs and shrimp and my lady had the grilled fish(her food was way better lol)The thing that stood out the most was those Honey Crossaints!! Man that was the best!! It was so fucking good I wanted some for takeout....but my dough was low lol lol....And the Cookie Monster for dessert was off the chain...Even feed my girl the cherry lol Yea thats her abd me lol This the 1st time I showed my face on the blog so yea thats me lol. It was a great night....glad I didn't drive home lol lol

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