Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Holy $hit!!!! ALIFE Does It Again!!!! OMG!!!

YO!!!!! I'm officially inspired again!!!! In case you didn't know....ALIFE is the only sneakerbrand/clothingline that I like but don't own anything by them lol lol. I love the "Everybody Hi's(shoe style)" but everytime I go to Premium they never have my size in a pair cause like Everybody(no pun lol) I love black/white shoes lol. But anyway.....If you peep the 1st pair THEY LOOK JUST LIKE PRADA SHOES!!!(naw not like the knock off Filas) These are are what Bape does to Nike or betteryet....they look like what would happen if Prada hooked up with ALIFE. They look way more official!!! But damnit got them already for $251 U.S. bucks!!!! lol lol Damn thats like way out my range right ow since I copped all this shit over tax free weekend!!!(I'm posting the pics soon....hold on)....But YO!!!! These shits so DOPE I doubt I would wear them just like I did my Doug E. Fresh Pumas(I'm str8 name dropping tonite lol) but damn....these take the cake!!!! I want a slice. It's ALIFE hunting season!!!! Hell Yea!! Gotta get these. I doubt I get some Dunks this school year cause these gonna cost me lol. Shout Out To ALIFE!! They doin it real big right now!!!

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